Item 33- Black Keen Purse

What? Black Keen Purse

How long have I had it? 6 months

Where did I get it? REI

What do I love about it? It’s super functional. I don’t live a drop-off lifestyle. By that, I mean that my kids are with me almost all the time. One of them is hypoglycemic. So, I almost always have water bottles and food in my purse. Sun screen. My calendar. I spent six years with a back pack. When I started looking for a new purse, I loved the functionality of this one. I also love the chunky, rugged look. Don’t let my mom and sister know, but I’m also taking it to any cocktail parties that I might attend. I grew up in the south, where this would be about as horrid as wearing white after labor day. I’m off to make a jello salad! Wait- I got off track- back to the purse. I also love that they use recycled rubber and airplane buckles to make the purse. I’m all about upcycling!


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