Status at Two Months

I promised pictures of outfits, didn’t I?! I know.

I still remember reading Seventeen magazine as a teenager. I loved those articles where they took ten basic pieces and made 30 outfits out of them. Honestly, that’s how I thought it would be with 36/365. I chose my basic pieces with all these cute outfits in mind. But, day in and day out, I just keep wearing the same thing- which you’ve already seen.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Ideas versus reality. I know that I’m only two months into it, but there are versatile pieces that I just haven’t touched. My denim skirt. My black maxi skirt. I rarely wear my white cotton blouse. Why? Because I really like my jeans. They’re comfortable and cute. I love wearing a t-shirt layered with a fitted sweater and a cardigan if it’s chilly. I keep wearing the same two scarves- because they’re more comfortable and flattering than my other two scarves. I’ll leave it to you to decide if I’m pragmatic or lazy- but, it’s working for me.

I’m not tiring of my wardrobe. It’s plenty. I could shrink it even more and be just fine. Everything fits and works together. I have some things that I think I’ll do differently if I do this again. We’ll see how things settle in, though. I’ll keep you posted, but so far I’m loving the simplicity of 36/365.


2 Comments on “Status at Two Months”

  1. Adria says:

    I’m not sure which month, but recently Lucky magazine had an editorial wherein the author opined that truly fashionable/stylish women have one or two great outfits each season that they wear over and over again. She asserted that in France, nobody thinks anything of it if a woman wears the same great dress more than once a week.

    So the way I think about it is this: One, no one else is paying as much attention to my clothes as I am. Two, if I wear something over and over again and someone notices, it’s because the favored item is fabulous and worth noticing.

    So who cares if you’re being pragmatic OR lazy? One of the keys to happiness is, I am convinced, only owning things (including clothes) that you really, really love. It may take a while to have a satisfactorily curated set of things, and to have solidified one’s style…but it’s completely worth it.

    • Robin Johnson Simpson says:

      You’re so right, Adria. Truly, no one else cares what I wear. I love the idea of the well-curated wardrobe that has just enough. Right now, 36 items is feeling like too much. We’ll see what I think and feel about that next September.

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