Item 11- Jeans

What? Jeans

How long have I had it? 3 months

Where did I get it? Thrift store

What do I love about it? I love that I got expensive jeans at the thrift store! I don’t follow brands, so I didn’t know that they were an expensive brand until I got home. I looked them up on-line, and they cost over $150 new. While I like them, and while they are comfortable, I really don’t get it. People who buy expensive jeans have told me that they last longer and that they fit better. I’m not seeing it. I’m all for paying more for clothing that really works. So, I’m not judging people who buy expensive jeans. But, I’m just not seeing over $150 worth of value in my expensive jeans. I wear my jeans many times between washes, and they get pretty stretched out. Maybe I bought them too big? They seemed snug at the time that I bought them, but maybe an experienced jeans fitter (is there such a thing?) would have said that I bought them too big. In case you’re curious, they’re made by Joe’s Jeans.


2 Comments on “Item 11- Jeans”

  1. KSM says:

    Odds are, given that they’re from Joe’s, that you did buy a size too big. I love their stuff (and, yes, the prices are ghastly) because the denim feels so soft and fits really nicely but I’ve found they loosen dramatically with wear. I definitely urge sizing down with their products.

    • Robin Johnson Simpson says:

      I probably did buy them too big. But, I’ve been disappointed. The caveats are that I bought them used, and I’m hard on my clothing. That being said, I’ve patched the rear end, and I’m about to have to patch the knees. Both have worn out.

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