Item 10- Black Cardigan

What? Black cardigan

How long have I had it? 3 weeks

Where did I get it? E-Bay

What do I love about it? I love that I got discounted Eileen Fisher second-hand. While Eileen Fisher is one of the stores that I’m comfortable shopping at (from an ethical perspective), her clothes are quite spendy. So, it was nice to get Eileen Fisher clothing at a discount. In terms of the sweater itself, it’s very different. I love the angular way that the front hangs. I like the interesting geometric ribbing in the sweater. I like that I can wear it belted. It’s also very soft. I’m super sensitive to some wools- they’re too itchy for me. This sweater is a great blend. Like I said, it’s super soft, and I love wearing it.


2 Comments on “Item 10- Black Cardigan”

  1. Isabel says:

    I LOVE it!!!

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