Item 6- Beige Ribbed Fitted Turtle Neck

What? Beige ribbed fitted turtle neck

How long have I had it? 3 years

Where did I get it? Gap

What do I love about it? It goes with everything. It’s comfy. I like the more form-hugging fit. It’s also warm.

Since I learned about ethical issues in the supply chain and the pervasiveness of sweatshop labor, I haven’t purchased anything from Gap (which also means Banana Republic and Old Navy). I like the way their clothes look, but I can’t support their practices. I’ve heard that they’ve improved their practices, but I’m not convinced. At this point, I’m still not comfortable with buying from them. There is room for redemption if companies want to clean up their acts. But, I’m reluctant to throw my support to companies that clean up their business practices due to public outcry, rather than because they want to do the right thing.


3 Comments on “Item 6- Beige Ribbed Fitted Turtle Neck”

  1. Missuz C says:

    I like your basics. You really can do so much with them, especially with the scarves.

    I finally got a post together of my closet and where I’m at currently with my 36. I haven’t been blogging much lately, but decided to go ahead and make it into a post, as it is easiest and most time efficient for me that way. Here is the link:

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