Item 2- Rust T-Shirt

Rust t-shirt

What? Rust t-shirt

How long have I had it? 6 months

Where did I get it? thrift store

What do I love about it? It’s comfy. Nice material. I like the color. I love that it’s made by Banana Republic, a brand that I normally wouldn’t buy due to ethical concerns. This is one of the main reasons that I love to shop at thrift stores. Yes, they’re usually cheaper. Yes, it keeps items out of the landfill. But, one of the biggest benefits to me is that I can buy whatever I want without having to worry about the human rights and environmental record of the company that made it. Sadly, it’s the “buy whatever I want” part that’s made my wardrobe larger than I wanted it to be in the past. Alas, 36/365!


7 Comments on “Item 2- Rust T-Shirt”

  1. n says:

    Ok, I’m in.

    I perhaps have the opposite problem. I have shapeless fat-clothes which are boring and wearing out and I refuse to buy more. My skinnier clothes are also fairly boring, and to be honest with the exception of one pair of pants, and one top, nothing much fits or looks respectable. I work in an arty, messy, stained environment so I definitely need to keep my work gear.

    I have shoes, Mary Janes, and Birkenstock shoes and sandals and running shoes (not that I run yet, but it’s on the list).

    This weekend I will clear out the wardrobe, but will probably not buy anything new AT ALL until I’m a few kilograms lighter.

    Oh and I’m a brown clothes person. Definitely.

    New blog set up this morning and ready to go!

    • Mary says:

      I’m right there with you! I also have a few pounds to lose. . .and currently my wardrobe consists of stuff that basically covers my body. . .nothing special, nothing that I love, nothing that looks stunning on me,

      This is going to be a fun challenge. I’ve already gotten rid of a lot of stuff. And I am going to be very careful when it comes to adding stuff back in!

      • Ninetimestable says:

        Mary, I think your blog may have been hacked, when I click to visit, I get a warning saying it may be a phishing site.
        Robin, you might have an email address to let her know?

      • Robin Johnson Simpson says:

        Thanks Ninetimestable! I have several Marys subscribed to the blog- not sure which one this is. Wish I could reach her!

  2. Robin Johnson Simpson says:

    Great to have you, n! Congratulations on your new blog! Let me know how the clear-out goes this weekend.

  3. Changed my mind!
    I went for wordpress instead.

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