My Cute Purple Dress

Since I cleaned out my closet a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been living with my simplified wardrobe in order to see what I learn before I get to September 1.  One of the things that I’ve learned is that I don’t wear this dress very much.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love this dress.  It’s comfortable.  It fits me well.  It’s great in hot weather.  I love that I got it from a thrift store.  But, I still just don’t wear it very much.   At the same time, I’m thinking that I’m going to need more long sleeve t-shirts for the winter.  So, I’m going to put this dress into storage so that I can have another long sleeve t-shirt.    I’m still trying to round out my wardrobe.  I had been planning to buy a black cardigan.  I just ordered a used cardigan from e-bay over the weekend.  I’ll show it to you when it arrives.

What about you?  Where are you in the process?

What would be most helpful for you?  I’m planning to show and tell you about the pieces that made the cut.  But, would you like to see outfits?  I’m reluctant to show you my outfits just because it’s been done so much (how can I improve on the Uniform Project, for Pete’s Sake?!).    But, I’ll sheepishly offer in case that would actually be helpful.


7 Comments on “My Cute Purple Dress”

  1. Missuz C says:

    I like that I can leave things I’m indecisive about in storage. I may be able to start on Sept 1 after all, with that as my back up in case I don’t get all the pieces “right.” (I live in the midwest with four very distinct seasons)

    Since I just found you yesterday, I’m in the “process place” of writing 1-36 on a piece of paper and thinking about/writing down my seasonal must-haves.

    I would love to see your outfits. I always learn something new or glean a new idea from every “core wardrobe” I come across…..and being very visual, I’d love to actually see how you combine pieces to span the seasons.

    • Robin Johnson Simpson says:

      Would love to hear about your core pieces. I’m happy to post my outfits. You’ll get to see photos taken by my children! Meanwhile, I’ll be interested to see what you come up with to span four distinct seasons.

      • Missuz C says:

        I don’t know how helpful my “core pieces” will be to most…..I am definately not a fashionista….. I’m a conservative homeschooling SAHM who loves wearing skirts & dresses year-round and lives in the country (works in the dirt and with animals)…..but I’m happy to share…..there are a few of us out there, and it has/continues to be a journey to find a modest yet not-terribly-frumpy wardrobe to suit my needs and tastes, and yet not be a complete ‘gazingstock’ to the rest of American society, LOL! I always love seeing what others come up with!

  2. Mary says:

    I agree. . .I would love to see your outfits. Right now, my clothes are very mish-mashed. A little of this, a little of that. Mostly based around “what fits”. I am excited to start working towards a wardrobe that actually works. . .and I love. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Hi There
    Yes please show it all! I am aamazed that I emptied 49 hangers and dont miss a thing!
    Please share
    New Zealand

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