What’s next?

My closet is taunting me. Below are two shots of the present state of affairs. My husband and I share a small closet. We also have a sort of linen closet in our room. It is not deep- about as deep as a drawer. I have two shelves in that closet. Right now, everything is sort of jammed into these shelves, and I also have some clothes hanging in my closet.

I thought you might be interested in a couple of “before” shots.

What are the tasks ahead right now?

  • I need to clean out my closet.  Again.  Sigh.
  • Over the last year, I’ve gotten rid of all the shoes that hurt my feet.  Well, except for my evening shoes.  So, ok, I’ve gotten rid of almost all the shoes that hurt my feet.  Right now, I have tennis shoes, chaco sandals and my evening shoes.  I want to purchase a comfortable pair of black boots that will take me from October through May- hopefully they’ll be cute, too.  Do you know of black boots that I should consider?
  • Then, I need to start deciding on what items I’m going to keep.  I’ll share the method that I’m going to use in the next few days.

Are any of you willing for me to post your “before” shots?  It might feel like having someone come along when you go shopping for a bathing suit.  (OK- I might need a valium after writing that last sentence.)  But, it might be encouraging for us to see some of the “before” shots so that we’ll know that everyone else doesn’t have it together yet either.  This is a process.  It’s going to take time.  I’m up for it, and I’m actually pretty excited about it.  I’m hoping that we’ll all take a collective deep breath when we have our closets cleaned out, minimized and ready with out 36 items.  There is a ton that’s unknown for me in the next year between homeschooling my kids and starting a business.  But, when I look into my closet each morning, my clothing will be streamlined, minimized and ready for whatever my days might hold.  I can feel the deep breath already.


One Comment on “What’s next?”

  1. Robyn says:

    Hello from the other side of the Bay.
    (my partner’s mom is still in Menlo Park)

    I also live in Chacos. I have three pair. Mainly because I boxed up my original pair to get resoled in 2002 and discovered that they had become my only pair of shoes.
    Off to REI for pair two, and pair three came as a 50 percent off sale.
    I still wear pair one, from 1998. They just got new straps this year.

    I wear them in winter in the Bay Area.
    Actually, I wore them in winter in Colorado, too, between snowstorms.

    Look to earth shoes boots or the badly named Chinese Laundry brand.
    I find both comfortable on Chaco -adapted feet, if you go flat.

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