Welcome to the 36/365 blog!  From September 1, 2011, through September 1, 2012, I will be wearing a wardrobe that consists of  36 items.  36 items for 365 days.  In doing so, I’m hoping to focus more on living the life in front of me and less on shopping and on my clothing.  Between now and September 1 of this year (2011), I will be developing a wardrobe to take me through the next year.  The catch is that I don’t want to do a lot of shopping to make this happen.  I’d love for you to journey with me.  I need help and accountability.  And I want to support you as you simplify your wardrobe.  I’m hoping that this will become a community where we will learn to love living with a simple, well-edited wardrobe.


Who am I?

I’m a wife and mom.

I love to write.

I love to read.

I homeschool my children.

I’m an aspiring small business owner.

I’m creative and  sort of crunchy.  In the past few years, my hobbies have included cooking, gardening, card making, soap making and scrap booking.  I’ve also kept bees and chickens.  Although I no longer keep a garden, bees or chickens, I still love those activities.  I’m questioning card making and scrap booking right now.  The tools for those hobbies might be the next to go.  ; -/

Why am I doing this?

My family has been on a minimalist journey over the last 1 1/2 years.  We’ve sold our house, gotten rid of probably half of our possessions and moved closer to our church.  Our main motivation has been that we’ve wanted to live richer, more meaningful lives, and we have found that all our stuff was weighing us down.  I’ve been so inspired by Courtney Carver’s Project 333 and Kristy Powell’s One Dress Protest.  Minimizing my wardrobe has felt so great, and I’m ready to slim down to 36 pieces over the next year.  I’m ready for a Garanimals wardrobe, where everything in my closet matches.  Do you remember that from the ’70’s?  You can read my thoughts on Project 333 when I first started it here if you’re interested. Again, welcome- I hope you’ll journey with me!





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